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If you are interested in making games for the RetroCade platform... They must meet the following requirements:

- Must be Retro style ( We aren't looking for non-retro style games.. If you aren't sure .. Ask us in our telegram


- You will have to provide your source-code for the entire game (This is so we can make sure no exploitative additions are added to games on the platform. You are free to leave any credits you want in your game and they will not be removed or touched.

To submit a high-score simple use an HTTP request to our platform middleware (All middleware calls are ONLY available when live on the platform, so you will need to cost test functions that can be toggled for production use later.)

http://localhost:6969/submitHighscore?score=<score here in integer form>

Example: http://localhost:6969/submitHighscore?score=12345
Would submit a score of 12345 for the logged in user.

Use this to get the current logged in user's highscore.

For Retrocade Developer Support please join our main Telegram and request to be added to our Developer Support Telegram.

You will be instructed on how to submit your creations privately once you join the Developer Support Telegram.

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