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Play-to-earn blockchain games

Retrocade is a token that aims to bring back the 80s and 90s style arcade cabinet gaming to the blockchain via P2E.

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welcome to retrocade

We are focused on actual utility! Starting with vintage play-to-earn games, RetroCade will evolve into much more than just a gaming platform. We will also be expanding our game selection with future wagering to come.

Remember the feeling of when you first entered the arcade? You had a pocket full of quarters jingling around as you aimlessly tried to find your favorite machine. Once found, you dropped the first quarter in, hit the start button... and the next thing you knew you were in the zone! We want to bring that feeling back to you; earning high scores and winning prizes just like you would at the arcade.

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Retrocade gives those holding 25000 tokens access to a variety of play-to-earn games. Retrocade will launch a line of retro games while also giving developers the chance to launch their play-to-earn games on the platform! Players can compete for prize pools and lucrative rewards!

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Retrocade tokens are the key to all games in the Retrocade ecosystem, providing the way for gamers to participate in any of the games on the platform. The first game is Burger Time where Retrocade tokens will be used to ensure you're eligible for play-to-earn.

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The Retrocade play-to-earn rewards are currently given manually. Top ranking players of each game will be distributed rewards from the prize pool. This will be broken down into categories such as Top 10 players.

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Retrocade token holders will also be able to participate in the governance of Retrocade, voting on proposals such as what the next game will be and how the prizes are delegated.

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  • Tokenomics
    Total Supply: 121,000,000 Buy and Sell Tax: 5% Max Wallet: 1,250,000 Tokens Max Buy TX: 1,250,000 Tokens Max Sell TX: 1,250,000 Tokens
  • Contract
  • Whitepaper
    New Whitepaper coming Soon!!!


retrocade roadmap.png
  • Update Website

  • Design a more robust and secure login system

  • Continue development for P2E Platform and Games

  • Targeted Marketing

  • Launch new version Pinball

  • Start Reward Season

Q2 2023

  • Community Vote on Next Game

  • Launch Third Game

  • Continue Marketing and Trending

  • Expansion of Core Team

  • Release of iOS and Play Store Apps.

Q3 2023

  • Newer Contract implementations

  • Launch of 4th Game

  • Automated Reward System through new P2E contract.

  • Continue Marketing and Trending

  • Start passive income investments and payouts to holders.

Q4 2023

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how to buy

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Join our Telegram and Discord to keep up to date with the latest Retrocade Games

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